About us

Create Work Play was founded back in 2021 – not so long ago. We are based in Europe, but in the modern world, there are no borders for online brands. Although we have been in eCommerce industry for many years, working with multiple brands, helping them achieve their goals, we had never created our own brand and our own products.

Creating our first product

It all changed as we had to transition from office to working from home more often. We knew how important it was to create a comfortable and inspiring work environment. At the same time, it also had to be a great fit for entertainment and gaming, because home office isn't just for work – it's for creating, working and playing.

And just like many different products ideas have been invented around the world originating from personal needs, our own brand's Create Work Play first product idea also came from our own necessity.

See, working from home gives significant freedom.

You can usually set your own hours and don't have to deal with a commute, and you can wear whatever you want... Sweatpants and t-shirts, favourite hoodie which you have had since your study years and comfy slippers.

There's just one problem...

It's easy to get distracted, and one can end up watching Netflix all day. You can get a lot done at home, but you also must have enough motivation and willpower or else you might end up staying in bed or procrastinating all day.

And in order to get the most out of working from home, your workspace must be a real game-changer, extremely comfortable, top-level stuff!

BOOM! Our first product idea...

And that's how the motivational desk mats collection was born. It rose from our own need for:

- Large yet comfortable desk mat which would be a great fit for different activities.

- A desk mat that would look great and improve the overall look of your workspace, not ruin it.

- A desk mat that would also be inspirational to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Our mission

To create products that enhance the space where you create, work and play!

We are always looking for additional ways how we could further improve our workspace and create products that look stunning and create the perfect oasis for getting things done and feeling great!